Our Story

From the Jalisco Highlands, LALO merges family tradition, pure ingredients, and a deep appreciation for Mexico into every bottle.

Lalo Family Photo

Eduardo “Lalo” González and David “R” Carballido have been friends since childhood. They grew up not too far apart in Guadalajara, the capital of Mexico’s famed Jalisco region where tequila was born.

Lalo’s father and grandfather were famed Mexican tequila makers, and David has spent his career working with Mexico’s top tequila producers. A toast at a family wedding with a specially made tequila blanco set the stage for what would unfold next.

This particular tequila blanco was made in the time-honored style of their storied ancestors, with three simple ingredients and nothing else. It became the talk of the town — and of all our friends.

So Lalo and David decided to create the purest expression of tequila and share it with the world. This means producing only tequila blanco purely crafted for a clean taste, with no additives of any kind or aging process to mask the natural flavor. They begin by using deep well water drawn from the heart of Jalisco. To facilitate the fermentation process, champagne yeast was selected to bring out the best in our fully-mature Highland agave.

The result is LALO Tequila — a fresh take on the art of blanco. Made in Mexico, owned by Mexicans, and celebrated by seekers of the new. Lalo and David hope you love it as much as they do.

Mexican Tequilero

The Next Generation

As the next generation of Mexican tequileros, we’re deeply committed to our responsibility to empower the communities that we work with. Through our labor standards and community development initiatives, we are proud to support the local families of Los Altos de Jalisco who make this time-honored tradition possible.