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Sip the vibrant taste of Modern Mexico with LALO blanco. Each bottle of LALO is infused with the wisdom and passion of three generations of tequileros, blending tradition with a bold, new approach to tequila making.

Our Process

Each bottle of LALO is 100% pure. We distill only twice to maintain the integrity of our agave, and add no flavors or additives. With LALO, our clean three ingredients are agave, yeast and water to honor the complex essence of agave.

Verified Additive Free

LALO Blanco

LALO Tequila is the purest expression of tequila in the world. We only produce tequila blanco purely crafted for a clean taste, with no additives of any kind or aging process to mask the natural flavor. Made in Mexico and owned by Mexicans, our time-honored process uses no additives and just three ingredients: deep well water and champagne yeast to bring out the best in our fully-mature Highland agave.

How to Enjoy LALO

LOOK at the crystal clear color; the body and texture. FEEL the viscosity and the quality of the liquid and notice how the aromas stay on your hands. SMELL the top notes of cooked agave, sweet potato, cinnamon and a hint of dulce de leche. SIP and experience the taste of those aromas. Sip again and notice citrus and tropical fruit notes.