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How to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with LALO Tequila

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September 15th marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month. This month holds immense importance as it provides an invaluable opportunity to recognize and honor the rich contributions, traditions, and history of Hispanic and Latin communities. As a Mexican-founded and owned company, we acknowledge the diversity that strengthens our collective identity and underscores the need for cultural appreciation, especially in the tequila industry.

Keep reading to learn how you can support Hispanic businesses and ways to celebrate with our LALO Familia all month long:

Order a LALO Cocktail:

Throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, grab a cocktail at one of the following businesses that are supporting Mexican-owned tequila:

  • Lindeys Restaurant and Bar - Columbus, OH
    • Raspberries in Jalico Cocktail: LALO, raspberry, orange liqueur, shaken with lime on the rocks.
  • Rosario’s - San Antonio, TX
    • El LALO: LALO, Triple Sec, and fresh lime
  • Fonda San Miguel - Austin, TX
    • Luis Miguel: LALO, Supasawa, topped with Grand Marnier foam. Served on one big rock.
  • Mama Lolita’s - Broomfield, CO
    • Man Go To Chili: LALO, lime juice, mango puree, tajín-salt rim.
  • Muchacho - Dallas, TX
    • “The Skinniest”: LALO, Ferrand Dry Curacua, lime juice.

Visit a Hispanic Business:

Another way you can directly support the Hispanic community is by visiting their businesses. Our favorites include:

  • Don Artemio – Fort Worth, TX
    • Chef Juan Ramón Cárdenas leads Don Artemio, showcasing Northeast Mexican flavors in a Saltillo-inspired space.
  • Tommy’s Mexican - San Francisco, CA
    • Founded in 1965, this family-owned restaurant specializes in Yucatan cuisine and is committed to supporting 100% agave tequilas. In fact, Julio Bermejo, Tommy’s son, is officially recognized by the National Chamber for the Tequila Industry (CNIT) as the Tequila Ambassador for North America.
  • Javier’s - Los Angeles, CA
    • Javier's aims to bring authentic Mexican flavors to Los Angeles, drawing inspiration from their cooking staff who contribute family recipes to their award-winning menu.
  • Matt’s El Rancho - Austin, TX
    • Since 1923, Matt's El Rancho, initially a tamale pushcart, has grown into an Austin institution for top-tier Tex-Mex cuisine. With over 500 seats, the family-owned and operated restaurant continues to prepare everything from scratch.

Learn about the Additive-Free Tequila Making Process:

Tequila, the cherished Mexican spirit, has achieved incredible acclaim on a global scale. Its distinctive flavor and rich cultural heritage have solidified its place as a cherished beverage at bars and festive gatherings. It's important to note, however, that while tequila is renowned for its quality, there can be variations in craftsmanship.

Here at LALO, we’re proud to be an additive-free tequila. With LALO, our ingredients are only agave, yeast, and water to honor the complex essence of agave.

This Hispanic Heritage Month, consider learning more about the tequila-making process. Our favorite resources include:

  • Tequila Matchmaker: A tequila database for visitors to rank and explore unique flavor profiles of tequila. The database also allows visitors to find additive-free brands & learn more about the tequila-making process.
  • Lalo’s Hand-Crafted Tequila is Made the Traditional Way: This article discusses hand-crafted tequila, highlighting its traditional production methods. It emphasizes LALO’s commitment to preserving the authentic, time-tested techniques of tequila making.
  • The 30 Best Tequilas for 2023: This article provides a list of the best tequila brands, offering recommendations based on various categories and preferences. It offers insights into the top tequila options for enthusiasts looking to explore different styles and flavors.
  • The Best Blanco Tequilas: This article from Wirecutter discusses the best blanco tequilas available, highlighting their top picks based on taste, quality, and value. It provides a concise guide for readers seeking recommendations on blanco tequilas for various preferences and occasions.

During Hispanic Heritage Month, we invite you to celebrate the rich Hispanic and Latin cultures that make our delicious product possible. Join us in embracing our Mexican heritage and exploring various ways to participate, such as supporting Hispanic-owned businesses or engaging with the rich cultural traditions of this proud culture. ¡Salud!